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Nationwide remembered


Back in 2002 I was fortunate to do a photo shoot with Nationwide in South Africa. I got to fly all of their different aircraft types in their fleet to many great destinations.
What triggered me most was the flights I did on the Bac 1-11.

Based in Johannesburg, Nationwide flew to many destinations in the region. Their office was just across the runway and that’s where I did the interview with the company.


I spent some time in October 2002 flying and photographing the Nationwide fleet.
Lovely weather! Spring in Johannesburg was great and extended my summer, coming from an autumn grey Sweden.

Nationwide B1-11 ZS-OAH

Finally getting to fly the Bac 1-11 again was a treat. I thought I had flewn them for the last time.  Now I was about to fly from JNB to ELS (East London, South Africa) on Flight CE552.

I loved flying this classic airlines once again. I now only wish that I had taken more (or any!) shots from the cockpit.

Nationwide BAC 1-11 ZS-OAH airborne from JNB

Anyhow, it was a fantastic opportunity to fly a classic aircraft once again.

Nationwide BAC 1-11 ZS-OAH during pushback.

What I didn’t realise then was that flying the B737-200 was almost as rare. They disappear faster than I had hoped from our skies.
The B737-200 is really a favourite of mine.

Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OOC

I did 8 flights on the B737-200 during my visits and we flew to destinations like Port Elisabeth, Lusaka (Zambia), Livingstone (Zambia), Capetown and Durban.
Fantastic flying! No glass cockpits as far as the eye can see. Just pure classic cockpits.

Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OIV (note the African Intl DC-8 in the background)

As if flying the BAC 1-11 and the B737-200 wasn’t enough, this trip also offered the luxury of flying the B727.
Another classic!

Nationwide B727 ZS-NYY Cockpit

Unfortunately (?) I spent so much time flying the B727 that I barely got any photos of it from the outside.

I guess I could blame the crews for that. Really great people to fly with and we had fun!

Nationwide Crew CE2216
Nationwide B727 ZS-NYY

Note the crew member sitting on the aft stairs resting in the shadow above.
This particular Boeing 727-095 had serial 19251/315 and is scrapped today.

At one time there was 3 aircraft flying to LVI at the same time. Livingstone airport (LVI) is very close to the Victoria falls and attracts a lot of tourists.
There were 2 B737-200’s and one B727 at the same time. Fantastic!

Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OVF makes a one gear touch down at LVI
Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OVF at LVI
Capetown – scenic approach
Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OEZ at CPT

The aircraft above, ZS-OEZ serial 22118/704 a Boeing 737-230 started it’s carrer with Lufthansa back in 1981. Left for Croatia Airlines in 1992 as RC-CTC and got re-registered to C9-CTC and then bought by Nationwide Airlines in 1999.

She got the registration ZS-OEZ and flew for 8 years before she lost her number 1 engine on take off from this airport. (CPT – Capetown) on 7 November 2007. And by loosing an engine, I really mean loosing it! It separated from the wing on takeoff! Luckily the crew managed to turn around and come back to CPT for a successful landing.
According to she was scrapped in February 2011.

Nationwide B737-200 ZS-OMG rotates at JNB