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JNB – Airport of contrasts


JNB – Johannesburg Airport is one of my absolute favourites in the world. Since my first visit in April 1998, I am hooked.

During a visit in 2002 I spent a lot of time airside shooting. The variety in traffic is fantastic. From the big widebodies to the regional Embrairs.

Line at JNB

While standing on the northern end of the apron I looked at the line of aircraft. Normally widebodies waiting for their evening departures, I heard a lovely sound…

DC-4 at JNB

It was the beautiful Phoebus Apollo DC-4 ZS-PAI, the same aircraft I saw in Lusaka  a few years earlier.

Phoebus Apollo DC-4 ZS-PAI
Phoebus Apollo DC-4 ZS-PAI

The sound of the 4 piston powered engines as she came close just got better and better. Fantastic! Slowly taxing past me with all 4 engines on almost idle power…

I just loved every second of it. Never thought I’d see this in 2002. I thought it was too late.

Imagine my surprise when only 2 hours later in the morning I heard that fantastic sound again!

Suid Afrikaanse Lugdienst DC-4 ZS-BMH

I couldn’t ask for a better day!

This beautiful DC-4 stopped just beside me, waiting in line for take off. I was in heaven!

Suid Afrikaanse Lugdienst DC-4 ZS-BMH

Now that was a great contrast to all A340’s and B747’s parked around me….

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