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Quick Stop: KRT – Khartoum, Sudan


Khartoum, Sudan 2003-01-26

We arrived on short final for runway 36 at KRT on a sunny January day. Todays flight was QR520 and we had started off from DOH, Doha in Qatar.
At 12:19 z we touched down and applied brakes. After backtracking we turned to our parking position on the apron.
We were assigned a parking in the north part of the field. This is a overview of the airport from GoogleEarth:


First thing I see as we leave the active runway is an Antonov 24B parked to our right. I asked the first officer to lean forward a bit so I could take the shot.


Marsland Aviation AN-24B EK-46369
Behind it was another An-24, this one in full Sudan colours.
Sudan AN-24T EK-49273

I walked out onto the forward stair and had a look around. Lots of activities all over the field. Many aircraft parked on the far southern side of the apron.
Looked interesting. At many airports I usually take a stroll around the aircraft with my camera capturing what’s around us. But not here. This wasn’t the place…

KRT – Khartoum International Airport

Stops at interesting airports are always too short, and we were now ready to leave again. Our A320 A7-ABS from Qatar Airways was powering up the engines again and I strapped myself in and made the jumpseat comfortable again. QR521 was cleared to taxi and I asked the Captain and the First Officer to open their windows so I could shoot some while we taxied to our holding point at runway 36.

Interesting line of aircraft
B727 C5-SMM first in the line.  B707 5X-GLA second and B707 ST-AKW AZZA third.
9M-SSN TwinOtter parked in the south apron


More interesting aircraft parked

Time to leave.

Takeoff power and we”re off. 13:20z we were airborn again.

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