Kenya Airways B777-200ER

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This 3 hour long cockpit video takes you on board 2 flights between Nairobi, Kenya - London, UK.
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Cockpit DVD in the series Flightdeck Action.

Welcome onboard KENYA AIRWAYS and their beautiful Boeing 777-200ER.



Follow First Officer Juma on his preflight walkaround in Nairobi before our longhaul flight up to London.
Watch the cockpit crew prepare the cockpit for the flight and explain it for you. 
Flight Purser Maggie helps you around in the forward galley and shows you the in flight entertainment system and meal preparations.

The approach into London Heathrow is always fantastic, and this is no exception. Follow the pilots all the way via instruments and ATC for the ILS to runway 09R. Beautiful.

Enjoy this spectacular wing view takeoff from London Heathrow giving you a view rarely seen on video before.
On the flight from LHR to NBO first officer Daniel Kariuki shows you around the Boeing 777 cockpit and explains the various instruments.

This 3 hour long cockpit video takes you on board 2 flights between Nairobi, Kenya - London, UK.

Welcome to the world of FLIGHTDECK ACTION.



KQ102  NBO Nairobi - Jomo Kenyatta International - LHR London - Heathrow Airport
LHR London - Heathrow Airport - NBO Nairobi - Jomo Kenyatta International


Crew Presentations
Cockpit Presentation
Pilot Profiles
Cabin Footage
Preflight Walkaround
Wing view takeoff
Cabin Preparations
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!


Running Time: 170 Minutes ( almost 3 Hours)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.

In Stock
Running Time:
170 Minutes (Almost 3 hours)
Release Date:
Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
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What a great DVD on the B772. Very full of detail as this model is my favourite, The crew were very professional and in informative in their work. Excellent views from outside of the cockpit.

I was amazed at how the KQ crew were very professional in their was very informative and worth the time and looking forward to seeing the kq 737 video.please approach the kq staff for a dreamliner video.
Kenya Airways B772 was an excellent program. The video was shot very well with excellent camera work and angles. I enjoyed learning about the pilot backgrounds and watching the fantastic approach into London Heathrow - always interesting. I will look forward to one day flying Kenya Airways. Great job Viking Wings!!!! I will buy more of your well-done flight deck videos in the future.
Coming from Nairobi Kenya this is really fantastic to watch. Love Kenya Airways and really admire the professionalism of the aircrew. Flown Kenya Airways 777, 737 and the Embraer 190 all have been excellent. Kenya Airways crew do an outstanding job in the air and on the ground. Kudos to Viking Aviation for producing this DVD, hope to see more of Kenya Airways soon.
a very good DVD especially for those who are interested in actual cockpit procedures than eye candies. First part of DVD ( NBO to LHR) is brilliant with complete flight management. Approach to LHR is too good. However, second part (LHR to NBO) is disappointing as there is no cockpit coverage of LHR departure. Its just a wing view of entire take of and climb. I would have loved to see proper SID procedure from LHR.
Great DVD

Was great to watch the work of Tommy here. Really enjoyed it.

Good quality audio and video. Nice to see how crew operate with their SOPs.

Also nice to see the difference between flying in Africa and Europe. Great work by the crew explaining everything. Also surprised to see one of the crew who I had met a few years ago to be on this DVD. Keep it up!!
Another great 777 program!

This is another great 777 program that Tommy has made. More of the same quality images and interesting routes that you can come to expect from Viking Aviation Photo. The approach and landing at LHR was amazing and the approach into Nairobi was equally enjoyable. Please keep the 777 programs coming.

this is great...the pride of africa
Lovely airline

the video was superb, good narrative with the pilots who explained standard procedure and policy it very well. i think the part that was missing was the interaction with airstaff, dead b-roll of the engines for almost 8minutes. i think.there are can good transitional shots that you can bring from the cockpit and airport to track the plane as it taxis off and on the airport. it seemed the all video was done by one person. maybe avoid the pilots looking behind-maybe put miniature cameras infront to capture that. show the passengers.this video go beyond airline enthusiasts and airline can use for its promotional purposes.

Fantastic DVD. I have flown KQ many times. LHR to NBO then LON and HRE. The pilots were very knowledgable and confident with their aircraft, and they enjoy working for their company.

I am a seasoned virtual airline simulator pilot. The procedures that i follow when flying virtually was very close to the procedures in this DVD.I have learnt much more from this DVD and i will try to apply what i learnt in my virtual flying.Keep it up guys.
Aviation Art

The creativeness of Tommy Mogren continues to impress me. He is quickly becoming the Picasso of the cockpit DVD world.
The leading/best airline in Africa

Very nice DVD. Keep it up KQ. I have flown KQ several times and recently in December 2010 from LHR to NBO..their staff are superb!..
777-200ER is the star once again!

After seeing all 3 DVD's on the 777 it is hard to say which one I like the best. Perhaps they are all just as good.

I am retired from American Airlines and all our 777-200ER's have Rolls Royce Trent engines, so it was nice to see a DVD on a 777 with the same engines. That spooling up sound is one of my favorites.

The Kenya Airways crew did an outstanding job of sharing their work with us and they seem to enjoy working for their company.

I felt like I was right there on the airplane. Thank you for another outstanding DVD and please put out many more on the 777
Great as usual

The Kenya Airways B777 DVD has become my favorite of all the Viking DVDs. Besides the filming and editing that make all of Tommy's DVDs great, the pilots were very informative throughout both flights, all phases of the process were shown (walk-around, cockpit prep, briefings, etc), and the routes were very interesting. The crew was extremely professional! Great job Tommy.
The Pride of Viking

I was really impressed with this Kenya production. From the walk around to the window view take off from LHR. The great views of various aircraft on the tarmac was a nice addition. I especially enjoyed the LHR-NBO portion. The pilots were very informative and the sunset was fantastic. This Kenya DVD is the flag ship of the Viking collection.
Pride of Africa........

Although this DVD is a masterpiece. The crew is very professional, beautiful pictures are always clear and audio. It 'really nice to see the approach to London, excellent shots in the passenger cabin. I'm sure this DVD is the result of professionalism that Tommy makes available to all fans of the cockpit. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
Kenya Airways B772

Interesting Route chosen for this flight, good presentation from the First Officer, and good listen to the HF Comms over Africa.

Dissapointing seeing the departure and push back from inside the Cabin out of LHR, would have been nice too see and hear ATC action out of London.
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