Iran Air B727-200

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In this 2 hour cockpit video, the crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way.
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Classic Flightdeck Action


In this over 2 hour long cockpit video you will follow Captain Rahimian on a return trip from Tehran to Bandar Abbass in southern Iran.
The crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way. Follow the Flight Engineer on his walkaround pre flight inspection before the flight back to Tehran. Captain Rahimian will show you around in the B727 cockpit.

As always you will hear the pilots tell you their history of aircraft flewn, dating back to their first airline job.  You will watch the cabincrew prepare the service and then join them in the aisle as they handout drinks and food.

In Bandar Abbass we watch a full turnaround of the B727 as it continues for another leg and returns to pick you up for the return to Tehran. Watch the luggage loading, passenger boarding and an amazing takeoff!

We also are treated with a evening flight from Shiraz to Tehran. You will love the view as we approach the 21st largest city in the world.  The city lights surrounds you as we descend into Tehran's Mehrabad airport.

Enjoy this classic Boeing 727 cockpit DVD with Iran Air, this is what Flightdeck Action is all about!



IR355  THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport - BND Bandar Abbass Airport
BND Bandar Abbass Airport - THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport
IR426  SYZ Shiraz -  THR Tehran, Mehrabad Airport


Cockpit Presentation
Pilot Profiles
Cabin Footage
Preflight Walkaround
Wing views
Cabin Preparations
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 130 Minutes ( 2 Hours 10 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.

In Stock
Running Time:
130 Minutes (2 hours 10 minutes)
Release Date:
Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
Viking Aviation Photo
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Very nice movie, high quality and ... too short duration ;)))

Let's hope for a B747SP DVD.
Simple Math!

An ancient land + a classic aircraft + Tommy's touch = another masterpiece for Flightdeck Action.
Best of the Classic!

you will return back to the seventy years golden star, single aisle, trijet? then is the best DVD! thanks Tommy
Having own dozens of aviation DVDs and seeing hundreds of them I should say that this video has rapidly found its way to my top-three list of aviation DVDs I have ever seen.

Viking Aviation photo a Sweden based company has recently released a video DVD featuring one of the worlds most wanted princess – The Boeing 727 – under wings of Iran Air, The flag carrier of Iran
Essential Viewing!

Let me start off by saying what a wonderful program this is!!

Mogren has perfectly captured the essence of the B727. With his beautiful editing the viewer sees the 'Action' at just the right pace during the different key phases of flight. Also, aided with his Multiple Cameras the viewer is able to gain the complete image of the Cockpit.

An Excellent HD DVD for an Excellent Aeroplane!

This is simply a stunning program- Essential Viewing for Everyone!!

"A 5 Star Production"
A Must Have!

This movie is a must have products.

Thanks for your great DVD.

Hope to see more Cockpit DVD from Iran Air fleet.

Good job!
Classic at its best

2 thumbs up.

A must have DVD collection.

727 in a different view.

Thanks to Viking Aviation Photo team.

Well done, you nail it again.
It was a wonderful performance!

I've seen this video .. I can say is respectful of Iran Air mainataince service and pilot training. I can only recommend this video
Good job!

Good job!
A Must Have.

Classic plane and modern filming technology.A must have DVD.
Hats off to Viking Aviation Photo

This video is fantastic.It is now among top 5 aviation DVDs I own.


I confirm that this DVD is a tribute to the Boeing 727. They are beautiful images, clear sound of the cabin. I found a very professional crew. Beautiful after takeoff, the stage of trimming the airplane, beautiful pictures on analogue instruments. The scenarios of Iran are wonderful as always, I appreciate the sweetness of manoeuvrability of the 727.

Tommy you did this time a work by the author.
Outstanding video !

This is truly one of the greatest videos about Iran Air and their legendary 727-200. The quality is fantastic, The introduction to the destination cities are great and attention to details are marvellous.

Cockpit crew give comprehensive information about the aircraft operation, pre-flight planning/checks.

Well done and thank you Viking Aviation Photo team !
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