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First hop on Cityhopper


The day before my flight I logged on to and did my check-in online.
Smooth, no queues and I got to select my seat in the comfort of my home. I love that feature.
It’s a pleasure to scroll back and forth in the cabinlayout searching for the best still available seat.

Watched as our aircraft arrived at the gate, it was PH-KZC a new type for me.

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KLM Cityhopper F70 PH-KZC

Boarded the aircraft and made myself comfortable in my window seat, seat 5A.
We departed runway 21 on  time. Climbed out of Gothenburg and headed south-west for Amsterdam.

We were served a delicious egg and sallad sandwich with a hot cup of coffee.

Enjoyed my flight while eating the sandwich and sipping my coffee, looked out the window and thought about the week ahead. I have big hopes for this trip, and it will be interesting to see what the result will be.

We arrived at AMS and parked at the remote stand used by KLM Cityhopper.
Bussed to the terminal and I checked the gate for my connection out of AMS. E20, so I made my way there and made myself comfortable for the 30 minute wait before boarding.

The aircraft was already parked at the gate, our KLM B777-200 PH-BQH was being catered.

KLM B777-200 PH-BQH

I normally select seat 10J or 10A while flying KLM’s B777’s but they were already taken when I checked in.
I decided to select seat 31J, a window seat by the emergency exit.
A bit further back in the aircraft than I normally prefer, but it seemed to be the best seat available for me. This gives me a window seat and still space for my legs, and I can get up and move about without disturbing the passenger seated next to me.

If I’m really lucky, the seat next to me will be empty. Those flights are lovely! Nobody to rub elbows with during the meal and a place to leave your newspaper and pillow etc when you’re not using them.
Ok, getting time to board the aircraft, will keep writing once we’re enroute to…DUBAI.Ok, boarding was smooth and I found my seat….hmm…one of those seats!
A window seat without a window…. I should have checked a bit more carefully when I decided on my seat. Ok, no use whining now.

Luckily there was nobody sitting next to me, so I had plenty of space. Enjoyed the flight entertainment, a glass of red wine and the meal service. Finally had some time to do a little reading, something that I rarely find the time to do at home. That’s one reason I like these connections flights, I get a little time to relax and read up on stuff.

We arrived at DXB around 22:00, and taxied past a lot of nice aircraft. Too bad I didn’t have my own window to look out through….

Tomorrow is a relaxed day in Dubai. Just an interviewe to film and then prepare for the job ahead….

Talk to you all soon again…



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