Estonian Air Regional SAAB 340

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One domestic return flight to Kuressaare in Estonia and then one return flight into Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia onboard the SAAB 340.
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SAAB 340 Flightdeck Action



Experience the operations of Estonian Air Regional as we join the cockpit-crew initially for one domestic return flight to Kuressaare in Estonia and then one return flight into Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia onboard the SAAB 340.
Captain Koovit will guide you through the cockpit presentation, a pre-flight walkaround and naturally provide you with updates along the routes. Enjoy this regional turboprop aircraft as you fly with the friendly crews of Estonian Air Regional.

As usual you have the best seat onboard in this SAAB 340.   Welcome to Flightdeck Action!



OV601  TLL Tallinn, Estonia - URE Kuressaare, Estonia
URE Kuressaare, Estonia - TLL Tallinn, Estonia

OV621 TLL Tallinn, Estonia - LED Saint Petersburg, Russia
OV622  LED Saint Petersburg, Russia - TLL Tallinn, Estonia


Cockpit Presentation
Pilot Profiles
Preflight Walkaround
External action
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 100 Minutes ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.

In Stock
Running Time:
100 Minutes ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes)
Release Date:
Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
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I would like to have it in download option. On this way I can watch in the Ipad when I am a3ay.
Sharp Picture and Clear Sound

Just watching the Estonian Air Regional Saab 340 DVD for the third time. I am still impressed by how much better the video and audio quality is than some other aviation DVDs I own. The HD recorded video looks great on my 50" widescreen TV and the soundtrack carries enough background sound to hear the aircraft without obscuring the radio traffic and cockpit conversation. I also like the unique views of the aircraft that are shown as transitions between chapters especially watching the Saab 340 do a "power back". As stated by others the editing quality is excellent with smooth scene transitions, no jerky camera movements and nice titles between chapters. I feel this shows a level of care and professionalism not seen in other aviation series. Thank you for the excellent work so far, and keep up the good work!!
One of the best Regional Airline of Europe

Excellent low-cost airline to a popular destination - LED Saint Petersburg.

A very friendly crew and many statement above the flighinstruments of the SAAB 340 Turboprop.

It is fantastic to have a look for the estonian scenery in front of the aircraft.

I love the approach to Kuressaare - it's extremely interesting.

Finally: This CockpitDVD is one of the best i ever see. Enjoy the flight with Estonian Air Regional.
Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Great shots of the flight deck as well as the scenery. Given the cramped size of the SB 340 cockpit, Tommy has managed to capture awesome camera angles which show the whole flightdeck experience. Nice editing also helps, and gives the viewer a great program which is well paced. Love the multi camera views- which gives an even better understanding of what goes on.

What a great DVD! Wish to see more multi camera productions soon... :)
Estonian Star

I am still very happy with the choice of this plane has never been well taken by anyone.

Great pictures and very clear siund to be in a turboprop.

Beautiful landscapes of Estonia, and very nice flight to St. Petersburg.

Although this DVD is the result of hard work which goes all my gratitude.

Thank you for these beautiful emotions.
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