Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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DC-6 Video found


I found some old boxes I had tucked away a long time ago. They contained a lot of old VHS-C cassettes.
One of them especially caught my eye. It was a tape from 1993…

I put it in the videoplayer and watched it. It was clips from Air Atlantique and their visits to THN with their DC-6s. Lovely days.

They used to come quite frequently for a while with parts to SAAB automobile. Unfortunately my work didn’t permit me to drive up on every visit, but as often as I could I did together with my brother, Jan.

I imported the clips to my computer and put together this little clip. If you enjoy old Piston powered props, like the DC-6, this might be something for you to watch. Enjoy!

…remember it was an old camera and loong time ago…

Make sure your sound is on, and then press play to begin….