Air Austral B777-300ER

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This 3,5 hour long DVD takes you on board 3 flights between Paris - Charles De Gaulle and St Denis in Reunion Island.
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Cockpit DVD in the series Flightdeck Action.

Once again have we been invited to join the excellent service of Air Austral.


Enjoy the features of the fantastic Boeing 777-300 ER. The bigger, modern and more comfortable version of the B777.

This 3,5 hour long DVD takes you on board 3 flights between Paris - Charles De Gaulle and St Denis in Reunion Island.
You will hear Captain Patrick Baron explain the differences between the B777-200 and this B777-300ER.

Welcome to the world of FLIGHTDECK ACTION.



UU974 CDG Paris - Charles de Gaulle - RUN Reunion Island
UU975 RUN Reunion Island - CDG Paris - Charles de Gaulle
UU974 CDG Paris - Charles de Gaulle - RUN Reunion Island


Crew Presentations
Cockpit Presentation (English and French)
Pilot Profiles
Cabin Footage
Crew Rest Areas
Cabin Preparations
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

BONUS:  Cockpit Presentation in French.  (Présentation du poste de pilotage en français)


Running Time: 208 Minutes ( 3 Hours 28 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.

In Stock
Running Time:
208 Minutes ( 3 Hours 28 Minutes)
Release Date:
Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
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The 777-300ER at its best

This is another great DVD of Air Austral with more great crews. The 777-300ER is one of my favourites and the routes chosen really showed the aircraft on routes it was designed for. The inflight images during sunrise over Somalia were spectacular. The approach and landing in Paris in the early morning hours was one of the best sequences I have seen in any DVD. Both landings in Reunion were great, one with a view towards the island and another looking out over the ocean with regular views forward of the approaching runway. This is definitely a must have DVD.

Thanks again
The best Triple Seven

very nice effect and very high standard. thanks
Air Austral 777-300ER Review

First of all I would like to thank Tommy Mogren for his great job one more time !

I've also bought the 772R Air Austral DVD and I was really surprise when the 773R dvd was release !

The different views are very very nice and the movie quality is excellent ! Also finally we can follow Air Austral crew From FMEE to LFPG which is a big airport. From the flightdeck to the cabin and to the crewrest room (on top of the passenger cabin), this DVD is very accurate and complete ! There some very nice views over the panels and different instruments.

An other thing is that we can clearly see the professionalism of flight and cabin crew.

The B777 is a truly amazing aircraft and Air Austral is an amazing carrier ! You should buy this Viking Aviation program because it's a MUST-HAVE !
Thanks for your DVD's on my favorite airplane

I ordered the "777 Bundle" and could hardly wait to get them. In addition I ordered the Kenya Airways 777 DVD. The 777 is my favourite airplane and watching the DVD's makes me love it even more. I hope you put out many more DVD's on the 777.
Nice flightdeck experience

I bought the bundle 772 & 773, it's a very nice product, nice angle and a very immersive video.

I see the captain who bring me from CDG to RUN in the 773 DVD.

I hope to see next video in blu-ray edition.

We travel from our sofa!

What a magnificent idea to produce films like that! How beautiful landscapes we can admire without buying a plane ticket! You make me dream, I need it to relax myself after a long working day! Just keep on in that way please!

Merry X'mas everybody!
Perfect video for any airplane enthusiast

I can tell you that I am simply obsessed with the all the Viking aviation videos. It is awesome to know other people care about aviation as much as I do. The way the DVDs portray commercial flight is simply amazing. Everything from the pilot commentary to the soothing background music leaves viewers on the edge of their seats wanting more. I am stunned with the all-access look into the Boeing 777ER and her long haul flights under the Air Austral colors. This is the best aviation video you will ever watch. It is well worth the $10 shipping charge to get the videos back here in the states. Follow them on TWITTER - @AviationPhotos
I bought all of your DVD and can´t wait for the next one, I have a lot of airliner dvd but yours are so much better, keep up the good work. I think this is "Boeing 777ER behind the scene" this DVD show us so much more than we can see in others airliners dvd.
The Impossible Has Been Achieved!

I did not think Tommy could surpass the first Air Austral video. I was wrong. Finally, there is a sequel that is better than the original.
The best insight to a Boeing 777 yet

I have bought one other DVD featuring the 777-300ER but this one is far better. There was a lot of interesting content with over 3 hours of running time. I liked the camera angles that were used showing the pilots and passing scenery both at the same time. Views of the cockpit instruments were very good and the various check lists and procedures were well covered.

I will be going back to this DVD many times to make sure I did not miss anything. I am an avid arm chair pilot and I loved this DVD.
The Best in Flightdeck Video

I bought the 2 Air Austral B777 DVD , I can say comparing with other Airline DVD video program , Viking Aviation DVD is the best ever seen .

Thanks Tommy continue on this way, you are great.

Francois Wong Chin

Mauritius , Indian Ocean
Best 777!!!

I can say that this video is really a special video.

Beautiful pictures both outside and inside, excellent approach to Paris, the beautiful rorese inside the passenger cabin. It 's a very professional video and confirms once again the style of production.

Thanks Tommy, you did an excellent job.
C'est manifique!

I want to thank Viking for a wonderful production that really captures the joy of flight. The B777-300ER is beautifully portrayed in this DVD. The crews were great and very informative during the various flights. I especially enjoyed the approach to CDG. Can't wait for more releases!
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