Air Austral B777-200ER

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Captain Michaux’s briefing prepares us for the spectacular landing at DZA.
Outside temperature is 32’C, and there is terrain on short final and a displaced threshold on rwy 16.
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Cockpit DVD in the series Flightdeck Action.


Captain Michaux’s briefing prepares us for the spectacular landing at DZA.
Outside temperature is 32’C, and there is terrain on short final and a displaced threshold on rwy 16.

Join the approach of a Boeing 777-200ER with a landing weight of 187 000 kg, inbound a captain’s only airport, autobreak set at MAX AUTO and the available landing distance is only 1680 m...

Welcome to the world of FLIGHTDECK ACTION

UU771 RUN Reunion Island - SYD Sydney, Australia
UU772 SYD Sydney, Australia - RUN Reunion Island
UU274 RUN Reunion Island - DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
UU275 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - RUN Reunion Island

Pre-Flight Walkaround
Cockpit Presentation
Crew Presentations
Pilot Profiles
Cockpit Crew Briefing
Cabin Footage
Wing View
Crew Check In
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 175 Minutes ( 2 Hours 55 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is p
erfect for aviation and cockpitviews. The DVD is set for ALL REGIONS.

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Running Time:
175 Minutes ( 2 hours 55 minutes )
Release Date:
Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
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Great film. Very high production values, and decent length too. Routes filmed is very interesting as few aircraft operate in the southern Indian Ocean.
Very interesting and informative DVD! I especially enjoyed the RUN-DZA-RUN flights.

Thanks very much!


This is the best cockpit DVD I have seen so far. The good balance of filming inside the plane and the scenery outside, as well as the filming in the cabin. I also enjoyed the personal presentation of the pilots and the explanation of the systems in the 777.

And to top it all it was filmed in HD!

thank you Tommy. the DVD is super quality!
Best Aviation Cockpit Video To Date - Sets a Very HIGH Bar

I have just finished your Air Austral 777 video to Australia and beautiful Mayotte and it was spectacular. I liked everything I saw. Great camera work. Very interesting pilot profiles (a highlight for me). I really enjoyed the landings in Mayotte and Sydney. I would love to see a European, Asian or Australian A319/20/21 video showing use of the sidestick in the future. I have nearly 30 cockpit videos and this is the very best I have seen. Fantastic work!

I want to thank you Tommy for such a great DVD. The quality of the HD is excellent and the different angles are a welcome addition. The landings in Sydney and Dzaoudzi were great. The return flight descent and arrival at sunset in Reunion was spectacular.

Looking forward to more new releases.


B777-200ER very good DVD

C'est un DVD de très haute qualité aussi bien pour le deroulement que par le film en HD.Je souhaiterais pour la prochaine fois si c'est possible un produit qui debute par un cockpit cold and dark jusqu'a destination avec un cockpit secure.Conclusion je ne regrette pas du tout mon achat
very good work

excellent video

good camera work

keep up the good work for all your dvds
Tommy you have done it again

I am very much familiar with Tommy's work and I knew I would not be disappointed. I was correct in my assumption. Excellent work as usual from the different camera angles and the format in which it was presented. I love the in cabin portions and I always appreciate when that part of the flight is featured. Tommy congrats on your new endeavour and I can't wait for your future releases!
Thank you Vikingaviationphoto !

Vikingaviationphoto thank you to for making this DVD that can highlight the island of Reunion and its airline, Air Austral. Here at Reunion Island we are also passionate about aviation and was not used to seeing such a DVD on our company. We will never say thank you enough for that.

I appreciated the different views and angles of the external and internal presentation of the Boeing 777.

However, I think the picture quality can be improved, because when I watch the DVD full screen on my computer, I lose in quality ... but nothing serious.

Here, I am eager to find out your next DVD.

Sorry for my English ...

Thomas, Reunion Island, FMEE!
2 heures 55 min de réel plaisir.

J'ai trouvé ce DVD tout à fait magnifique, les prises de vues sont admirables et le son est très bien.

Puisque je peux donner mon avis et mes souhaits, personnellement, j’aimerais un DVD qui suivrait un vol complet depuis la préparation dans la salle de briefing, jusqu’à la descente d’avion de l’équipage ou on suit tout point par point sans coupure sauf bien sur lorsqu’il ne se passe rien.

Suivre toutes les check listes un peu comme ce DVD, mais tout au complet: Pré-vol, mise en marche, toutes les communications radio, taxi, etc.

Quelle est le rôle exact du commandant de bord et du copilote, à quoi pense-t-il, à quoi doivent-ils faire attention, etc. etc….

En tout cas, toutes mes félicitations pour ces vols supers.
A New Era Has Dawned

Simply put, the Air Austral video is in a league of its own. Tommy has set a new standard by which all cockpit DVD's will be judged.
Excellent Footage

Love the different camera views and the pilot details are great as well (learning what types they used to fly and former airlines they worked with).

The pre flight is excellent as are the approach briefings.

Great work Viking Team!
Great Video

Hi, very compliments for a best video.

Nice scenary, great camera in the cockpit, optimum sounds.

Compliments for a winderfoul work.
Absolutely great

The Air Austral DVD is absolutely the most well-done, entertaining cockpit DVD I've seen. Tommy did such an outstanding job with the filming, and the editing is just as professional as it gets.

Tommy, congratulations on such a job well-done. I can't wait to see what else you have coming up.

Cody Castile

Little Rock, AR, USA
Air Austral DVD little review

I was very surprised to see a new Air Austral DVD ! I was living in Réunion Island for 8 years and it's always a pleasure to see Air Austral featured in a movie. The way Tommy managed to film is very nice, and I really enjoy the profile and front camera's ! This is something fresh and new compared to other cockpit dvd's !

I wish to see an other program in a big carrier like Air France !

Kind regards.

Josua Duval
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