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You are invited to join Captain Lainé in the cockpit for 6 fantastic flights in the B737-800 F-ONGA from Air Austral.
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Cockpit DVD in the series Flightdeck Action.



You are invited to join Captain Lainé in the cockpit for 6 fantastic flights in the B737-800 F-ONGA from Air Austral. You have the best seat and the best views. Multiple cameras bring you exciting views of all Flightdeck Action.

Captain Lainé starts by welcoming you to the Air Austral briefing room where he updates you on the coming flights. You are introduced to the B737NG cockpit as he starts the setup for the flight to Antananarivo in Madacascar, which is the first flight on the video.

Featured twice on the video is the amazing approach into DZA. It is a category C airport, only 1680 meters long with terrain on one side of the approach.  A highlight for sure.

The crew will brief you about the special short field performances of this particular aircraft. F-ONGA is a B737-800 with many short field specialities.

This 3,45 hour long DVD takes you on board 6 flights between Réunion island, Antananarivo, Dzauodzi and Moroni.

Welcome to the world of FLIGHTDECK ACTION.


UU255 RUN Reunion Island - TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar
UU256 TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar - RUN Reunion Island
UU611 RUN Reunion Island - DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
UU611 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - HAH Moroni, Comores
UU612 HAH Moroni, Comores - DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
UU612 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - RUN Reunion Island


Cockpit Presentation
Cockpit setup
Pre flight briefing
Airline Presentation
External Views
Wing views
Cabin Service
Pilot explanations and updates
And much more!

Running Time: 225 Minutes ( 3 Hours 45 Minutes)

Flightdeck Action is filmed using multiple High Definition cameras and the audio mixing brings you ATC and pilot communications crystal clear.
The 16:9 Widescreen format is perfect for aviation and cockpit views.
The Blu-ray and DVD are both set for ALL REGIONS.

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Running Time:
225 Minutes
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Filmed Year:
NTSC, plays on most PAL machines as well.
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Review | Viking Aviation Photo "Air Austral B737-800″

Aerosoft Sim News staff reviewer Angelique van Campen takes a closer look in the Boeing 737-800 cockpit during her Air Austral flights.

Together with the help of Viking Aviation Photo "Air Austral B737-800 HD DVD", she gets a good idea of the 737-800 island hopping flights.

Read her whole review at ASN ...
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