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A day in Zurich


Back in 2003 I was in Zurich to shoot a concert with a rockband. I arrived a day early and took the opportunity to spend the day at the airport, of course.

Up early to catch the long-hauls as they arrive from their destinations. First out was a Swiss MD-11.

HB-IWC Swiss MD-11

It was calm winds and the sky was clear, this would turn out to be a great day!
The heavies continued to arrive…

HB-IQH Swiss A-330
HB-IQJ Swiss A330

Runway 28 was used as they all arrived on a shoestring…

All the way from Johannesburg came this A340…

ZS-SLA South African A340-200
9V-SMQ Singapore Airlines B747-400
HB-IQF Swiss A330

The sun rose higher and higher and I tried a few other places to shoot from. Found this spot under the 28 finals…

A330 on approach with runwaylights
Thai Airways B747-400
Thai Airways B747-400
Thai Airways B747-400 about to touchdown runway 28
Russian arrival – TU-154
Swiss A330 only seconds away..
No season for strawberries

Again I moved to get some new angles. Tried the photoholes in the intersection. Lovely place.

HB-IOJ Swiss A320 rotates
JA8901 Japan Airlines B747-400

ZRH is a great place and I realise I have to plan for a return soon as I looked through these photos.

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